Earth Day 2016

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Thanks to Akshay Gavai at Organic Valley and Dave Maxwell of Vernon Electric Cooperative for their gracious hospitality for Motorwerks’ 2016 Earth Day Tour. Thanks also to our enthusiastic participants!!

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March 2016 Top Notch Teacher

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Dorothy Hart from Logan High School is this months Top Notch Teacher.Dorthy Hart 0316b

Earth Day 2015

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Guru Approved Earth Day 2015

April 2015 Top Notch Teacher Jill Guns!

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Name: Sara Anderson

City: Sparta

News Tip: Mrs. Guns is one of the best teachers in Sparta.  Ask anyone.  When you hear anyone talking about her, they are smiling, talking positive or sharing a wonderful story they have because they have been in her classroom. She makes each student feel special . . and yes, every teacher should do this, but she has an extra special way of making them feel good about themselves.  She enjoys being with them, and they can feel it.  They know it.  Her theme this year is all about smiles, and happiness.  She has smiley faces covering her room. They remind the kids to think positive, and to “be happy”. But they hold a special place for Mrs. Guns as well, as smiley faces remind her of her mom, who passed several years ago, but wanted everyone to remember her with happiness in their heart.  In the end, former students visit her, hug her, and still love her.  She volunteers, coaches, remembers all of her students fondly, and makes each and every day, the best it can be for her “kiddos”.  She is one of the best Top Notch Teachers.



All New 2016 Honda Pilot and HRV!

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2015 Honda CRV

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Lease the all New 2015 CRV LX AWD for just $239/month*!  Great fuel economy!  Great resale value!



*$1000.00 down plust first payment, tax, dealer service fee and license fees. With approved credit from Honda Financial. This offer expires 05/11/2015.



The First Saturday Of The Month Is Coming Up On June 7th… Join Us For 1SAT1!

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RSVP here and Fuel Your Curiosity!  

Interested in learning more about advanced fuel options?

Want to share your story about advanced fuel vehicles?

Hear someone else’s?

Chris Schneider, President of Honda Motorwerks and NGV Guru, has been an advanced fuel enthusiast for many years and has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Join our resident expert on the first Saturday of each month at 1:00 p.m. to learn more about advanced fuel vehicles: Compressed Natural Gas, Electric, Hybrid, Fuel Cell and more!!

You're Invited! 13th Annual Earth Day Tour

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You’re Invited! 13th Annual Earth Day Tour

9:00-9:30 am

Meet at Honda Motorwërks for coffee and doughnuts

“Van Pool” to:

Wild Rose Dairy in La Farge

Lunch at the

La Crosse River Dam at Sparta

then on to …

Sparta Level 2 Electric Charging Station

and finally …

Jackson Electric Co-op Solar Array at Black River Falls

Back to Honda Motorwërks by 4:30 p.m.

RSVP at the below link or by calling (608) 784-9280








April Top Notch Teacher is Jackie Goetsch…Congratulations!!

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Congratulations to Jackie Goetsch on being nominated for top notch teacher.  For video coverage of this story visit WKBT’s website and read their story below for more details about Jackie’s nomination.

Top notch teacher of the month Jackie Goetsch stands with the Honda Insight Hybrid, her ride for the month of April.

Top notch teacher of the month Jackie Goetsch stands with the Honda Insight Hybrid, her ride for the month of April.

April Top Notch Teacher: Jackie Goetsch

Emerson Elementary teacher hosts ‘homework club’ to help students

This month’s Top Notch Teacher comes to us from Emerson Elementary in La Crosse. Second-grade teacher Jackie Goetsch is known for her upbeat, positive and can do attitude.

To Goetsch, the second graders in her class are much more than students.

“Here’s an easy one friends,” Goetsch said.

Being with her friends every day is something she’s wanted since she was their age.

“I had awesome teachers when I was young, I wanted to be like them when I grew up,” Goetsch said.

“She’s a good teacher,” second-grader Porter Ryan said.

“So I feel like I’ve been very blessed that I’ve been able to follow my dream and me passion to teach,” Goetsch said.

Goetsch started in the La Crosse district nearly 25 years ago and has dedicated lots of her time before school, after school and even on the weekends to making sure all of her friends live up to their potential.

“I do a homework club on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with a small group of friends, just to give them some extra support. Usually math, writing, reading help,” Goetsch said.

With all the extra time spent helping her friends sometimes lesson planning gets pushed to the weekend, but that’s no a big deal.

“It’s all about making memories and the extra time that I put in is really devoted towards that,” Goetsch said.

Goetsch said teaching has always been her joy and passion and she doesn’t expect that to change anytime soon.

“I want my room, and I think it is one of my strengths, to be just the most comfortable and joyful environment for my kids so that they can learn because you can learn so much more and so much easier if you feel safe and happy,” Goetsch said.

Besides the homework club Goetsch does a program called books for breakfast where kids put on a reading show for their parents and siblings.


Why is 1:45 Important?

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Fuel for thought from the NGV Guru:


 If your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) starts with a 1, 4, or 5, then your vehicle was manufatcured in the USA!

If your VIN starts with a 2, it is Canadian.  A 3 means it is Mexican.  The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) makes those American.

Don’t be misled by someone telling you their car is American and think it was USA manufactured.

We are proud of the high percentage of USA products that American Honda manufactures for Honda Motorwerks.