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John Breitung 09 Nov 2012
Way beyond expectations discribes our experience with the fine people at Honda Motorworks. It was time for us to buy a new car for my wife and we worked with Tom Low and John Gilles. We recently came back to the LaCrosse area and needed a new Honda dealership to work with. Both Tom and John Went ...out of their way to make sure we were comfortable with the Motorworks group. They kept us informed on the status of our ordered vehicle and bent over backwards to make sure the process went as we planed.We had the occasion to have our new 2013 Honda Accord delievered on my wifes birthday and we were absolutly surprised to walk in and find her new car parked in the show room with balloons on it aand a bouquet of roses on the drivers seat to celebrate my wifes birthday. Needless to say we were flabbergasted. Everyone wished her a happy birthday and I must say she absolyutly loved it all.Tom took great care to make sure she was comfortable with all the features and controls on her need car and when we left she was very pleased.We highly recommed the good people at Honda Motorworks of LaCrosse. We most assuridly will return to do more business with them. Show more
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Pleased from Rushford, MN, Rushford, MN 07 Jul 2012
Originally started with another dealership who gave us a test drive in the CRV. We had been looking at sedans. So when we finally made up our mind on the CRV, I went back--they tried real hard to sell us the Accord. When I said I wanted the CRV in the color and model I wanted, they said they did not... have one coming until July and possibly August if it had to come from Japan and tried to push the colors they had. This was my first totally new car and didn't want to "settle." They wouldn't even quote a price if I wasn't going to deal that day. I called Honda Moterwerks when I got home. I had gone there previously and at the first visit they gave me a quote. They were friendly and willing to answer all my questions. When the other dealership didn't help me, I called them and asked if they had what I was looking for. It turned out they didn't--but said they would find one for me. They called me back in just 3 days (including weekend) and had one located and had it there a couple days later. I picked it up in early June. Totally happy with the car and with Honda Mototwerks. Show more
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